There is no separation.

There is no separation.

"There is no separation between the world below and the world above, and the seed demonstrates this particularly clearly. When you bury a seed in the soil, a connection is immediately established between earth and sky: the sun sends the seed its light and warmth, the earth provides it with moisture, and the seed begins to grow. You have simply placed a seed in the earth, but at the same time you have activated a phenomenon in the heavens.
The same processes also occur within us. For example, we put food (the seed) in our stomach (the earth), and immediately our brain (the heavens) sends currents to the food we have absorbed, transforming it into energy, into feelings and thoughts. As soon as we put food in our stomach, forces from all points in our organism make their way to it and set to work."
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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